Riverina Fresh acquisition of Reilly & Sons Food Services 12th August 2019

 We are pleased to announce that Riverina Fresh has agreed to acquire Reilly & Sons Food Services.

Reilly & Sons has been owned and managed by Steve and June Reilly since 1973. Dad (Steve Reilly) sadly passed away earlier this year.

Since then the family has continued to run the business and we are very pleased to have Riverina Fresh acquire and continue to operate the business.

The Reilly family would like to thank all our valued customers for their continued support over the 46 years in business.

All Reilly & Sons’ employees have received offers of employment from Riverina Fresh and they are delighted to have us join the Riverina Fresh family.

I will continue to run Reilly & Sons Food Services as a division of Riverina Fresh.

The Reilly & Sons’ team are excited about this opportunity and are looking forward to working with you post completion to continue to develop our business together.

Kind Regards,

Aaron Reilly


Reilly & Sons Food Services



 Boat crew011

The Killer Bees (Open Men) and the Guard Dogs (Juniors and Open Women) Avoca Beach Reilly and Sons Sponsored Surfboat Crews led all 3 legs of the Australian SLSA 2018 Surfboat Relay Champ’s today Wednesday the 18th April held at Scarborough Beach, Western Australia after a achieving a massive earlier lead by the Open Men’s Crew to be only beaten on the run finish for Gold, finishing with an unlucky second with daylight third.

Great row by the young Under 23 Women’s Crew rowing against the more experienced Open Women Crews.

The future looks very secure for the Club with all three Crews being so young.

All individual categories of racing commence tomorrow with all Finals to be held on Sunday.

Boat Crew11copy  Boat 22copy

The young blokes from Avoca Beach’s Open Men’s Crew were very, very unlucky after leading the Final going in to the halfway bouy turns in Saturday’s 2018 SLSA Australian Champ.’s in Perth WA, before Batemans Bay caught a number of runners coming home.

Avoca Beach got nothing, then they, Collaroy and Bulli charged Batemans Bay again who were stuck in a rip, short of the finishing line and looked liked winning it, before hitting a back wash, shot up in the air, then rode a 4 to 5 foot “tube” on a massive sucking shore dump and flipped, regathered their gear, turned the boat upright and pushed the boat over the line.

North Cronulla way back in 6th place just pipped them for 2nd. Collaroy and Bulli were both disqualified (DNF) after also flipping over and suffering a broken leg, broken arm, broken ribs and massive bruising amongst the 4 boats, including South Curl Curl.

The first two places Crews, Bulli and North Cronulla who rowed in and back, out of alleys 5 and 6 were smiled on by the “Huey” and avoided all the carnage.

Avoca Beach’s end in alley 1 turned really nasty and caused TWO false starts. Dickie Brierty and his Killer Bee’s must have killed a 100 black cats this season, with their unlucky multiple losses (2nd and 3rd places) with a number major Carnival wins during the season.

Congratulations to the Batemans Bay Crew though for becoming a part of history in winning the premier category of surfboat racing and they thoroughly deserved their win.

During Saturday’s Finals yesterday, Avoca Beach Open Men’s Crew were undefeated in their 3 earlier Preliminary Elimination Final rows, leading in to the Final 6, after their 4 lead up rows on Friday.

With ALL guys being 22, bar Bundy who is 23, they will no doubt win a couple of Aussie Golds before they retire. Dickie B. is a magnificent sweep, coach and mentor. He is a quite unique guy and a winner.

Plus throw in Matty Mitchell’s Junior Mens Crew who finished 4th overall in their Final and Andrew Collins who finished 6th in the Junior Women’s Final, then add the Clubs premier Open Women’s Crew returning next season, plus both Under 23 Men and Women Crews who made the last 12, overall the Avoca Beach Boaties look to be in a very strong position for the next decade.


13Avoca Beach2

The Reilly and Sons Sponsored Avoca Beach Open Men’s Crew won the Australian Rep. Team selection Carnival in Lorne, Victoria on the 1/12/2018.

They will Rep. Australia in the Test Series in New Zealand in February, 2019. Great result.